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Our Story

Steve and I dedicate Memory Lane Lamps to my parents, our children and grandchildren.  The death of my Dad in 1998 was my inspiration in co-founding Remembrances in 1999. Now we move into the future with Memory Lane Lamps.  Over the past ten years, we have seen the enormous impact that a gift of light can provide.  We have delivered hundreds of lamps to funeral homes and people’s homes and have received many thank you notes that confirm the importance of comforting someone. Our Story

The one lamp delivery I will never forget was to a young woman who had lost her Dad and was having a tough time.   She asked me if this was a remembrance lamp. When I confirmed and gave it to her, she dropped to her knees in her yard and started to cry uncontrollably.  Her husband immediately came to her side to comfort her and we all cried together. 

Love and caring is the true meaning of our business.  We invite you to visit our two stores and our increasing number of authorized dealers in bringing happiness for the good times and comfort during the sad times.

Carol Couchon


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